UDC Training Centre offers comprehensive assistance in obtaining qualifications and training for operators of construction equipment. Our offer includes courses that allow you to obtain the following qualifications:

  • First aid (50 Euro)
  • Forklifts (150 Euro)
  • Excavators, loaders, bulldozers, rollers (250 Euro)
  • Telescopic handlers (150 Euro)
  • Scissors and platform lifts (150 Euro)
  • Hanging, mast, stationary platforms (150 Euro)
  • Petrol chainsaws (150 Euro)
  • Work at height (150 Euro)
  • Slinger signaller (150 Euro)
  • VCA/SCC (Basic, Vol) (150 Euro)
  • Painter/decorator (250 Euro)
  • Flange fitter (250 Euro)
  • Floor fitter/tiler, glazer (250 Euro)
  • Tinsmith/roofer (250 Euro)
  • Trenchless technology machines (250 Euro)
  • Mining machines (250 Euro)
  • Scaffolding fitter (300 Euro)
  • Cranes, gantry cranes, HDS controlled from the zero level (300 Euro)
  • Forwarder (300 Euro)
  • Harvester (300 Euro)
  • Asbestos (350 Euro)
  • Construction tower cranes (500 Euro)

Theoretical and practical classes end with an exam, after passing which the participant receives an appropriate bilingual certificate entitling him to operate a given machine. The participant also receives a plastic card confirming passing the exam and obtaining the appropriate qualifications.

Dates and hours of classes are adjusted to the participants’ abilities. There is an option to conduct the course both at UDC Training Centre and at the client’s premises. Each of the training courses conducted is aimed at mastering the skills of the participant in the field of machine construction, operation, principles of operation and safety of their use. During the courses, selected issues relating to technical conditions and technical supervision are also discussed.

Instruction hours are carried out according to the planned schedule, but it is possible to individually adapt them to the client’s needs, depending, among others, on the previously acquired skills. If the trainee has qualifications previously issued in Poland or another country, and the employer requires them to be updated in another language, then – after verifying these acquired qualifications – UDC Training Centre may issue new qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the employer and the given EU country.

In case of any questions or ambiguities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our trainings


Excavators, loaders, bulldozers and rollers

Platform and scissor lifts

Petrol chainsaws